100 White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds

  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Average height gain
  • Flowering 50 – 65 days
  • Heavy Yield
  • 70% Sativa


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Buy White Diesel Haze Seeds UK

Buy White Diesel Haze Seeds UK , Europe and Ireland. White Diesel Haze Automatic cannabis seeds belong into some feminised auto-flowering cannabis breed that originates in the crossover between a White Haze Automatic along with a chosen NYC Diesel.

White Diesel Haze Automatic turns into marvellous midsize bud plants which grow rapidly and give bumper crops of fat dense buds coated with a thick coating of white-coloured resin. With this cannabis plant, much non-experienced breeders will readily obtain generous superior plants.

It supplies a typically Indica impact that’s best to unwind after a tough day on the job.

White Diesel became one of their favorite White Label feminized Sativa breeds almost immediately following its launch. The distinguishing tones of lemon, pineapple and rhubarb together with the towering high that characterizes White Diesel are reproduced within this feminized auto-flowering hybridvehicle, and this is guaranteed to be a new favorite just as speedily.

The rugged bud creation of the first can be pleasingly within plants which show a shorter, more compact prestige compared to the standard White Diesel, which makes them the perfect Sativa breed for smaller gardens. With their size, crops of the auto-flowering feminized breed generate a significant harvest of buds using such a thick coating of amazing trichomes they can seem white, thus her title.

White Diesel Haze Automatic is perfectly appropriate to Sativa fans with smaller grow-rooms since the plants do not stretch too much throughout flowering. The smoke using its rhubarb, lemon and strawberry flavors will make your mouth water and the cerebral impact will make you longer. Everyone with a beat on Sativas could readily find a new favourite in this breed.


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