Super Silver Haze Hash

47.69% THC


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Buy Super Silver Haze Hash UK

Buy Super Silver Haze Hash UK and Europe from Astra Weed today! The Super Silver Haze hash is a full melt and has a sativa dominant effect. Hashish (pronounced as hasheesh) is consumed in much the same way as cannabis buds, used by itself in a miniature smoking pipe, hookah, bong or bubbler, vaporised, hot knifed, or smoked in joints mixed with tobacco, cannabis buds, or other herbs. The effects are very strong and an excellent appetite stimulant. Also, it is effective in reducing nausea.


Soft, lightly pressed hash. Proper Blond, yellowish colour. It doesn’t just fall to bits, but when I give it a squeeze, it is really soft. The structure is a little bit fatty/oily on my fingers and it’s really smooth to the touch. Also has a slightly waxy feel and it’s fresh looking. It bubbles when it’s touched with a flame.


Buy Super Silver Haze Hash Europe and UK. Soft, tangy smell. Light citrus fruits and sweet. It’s got a fresh spring thing to it and it has a zesty finish. It releases it’s smell as I open it up. The flavor comes through so well. The lemony fruitiness is just there and it has a sharp, take your breath away kind of hazy finish. Zesty and delicious. Lemon cream. The taste gets deep into the throat and it leaves a loads of aftertaste.


Happy hash! Light, sort of hazy feel to it. You can get quite high from this one. Not really long lasting, but I do feel uplifted and heady. The more I smoke, the more I drift off. I get dry eyes like crazy and get mentally slightly off focus. You could probably use it to work in small doses tho. The ash is clean.The hits are a little bit sharp at times, but I think it’s due to the freshness. And the slighlty softer press.


Looks good, really good structure, easy to use hash. Not too crumbly, so it’s still manageable. It smells nice and tastes great. It gives a nice, happy high in smaller doses.


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