Orange KUSH

Grade: B+

Type: Indica

Looks: Light green with bright thick orange hairs. Lots of crystals glistening in the light. 10/10

Smell: Light smell of earthy herb, other than that there is no smell. Very stealthy. 7/10

Taste: Much like the smell there is no really no taste. It is a very smooth faint earthy herb taste. Put out thick volcano bags. 7/10

Effects: Night time use. Didn’t even finish one volcano bag and my stomach is roaring like a lion and I just ate… Seems to be one of those strains that induces extreme hunger. Strong indica effects with a relatively clear head. Good for pain and stealth like presence. 9/10

Potency: 8/10

Good For: Increased appetite, nausea, mild pain relief, relaxing, stress, asthma.

Notes: I didn’t like the no smell or no flavor feature, those are my some of my favorite things about good medicine. Only reason I choose this strain is because it looked absolutley gorgeous in the jar. With a stronger smell and taste it could have received a grade A- rating.


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Buy Orange Kush UK

Buy Orange Kush UK and Europe Online from Astra Weed today! A Green Devil Genetics creation, Orange Kush has been described as “almost narcotic”. A powerful indica-dominant hybrid, pick up this flower when you have nothing to get done.

The Orange Kush cannabis strain is a powerful Indica hybrid with sedative and agony-fighting qualities. While considered an evening flower, the sleepy experience this strain provides is complemented by a happy and rewarding euphoria. Save this flower for moments of much-needed stress relief.

The sativa genes of OG Kush and the indica genes of Orange Bud were blended to form Orange Kush, allegedly an indica-dominant hybrid (reports on the sativa/indica ratio of this strain are unreliable at best). The flavor is tangy and citrusy while the smell has strong, sweet notes of orange.

The buds have lime-green leaves and bright orange hairs to match the name. THC levels are known to top 22%, making this one of the strongest strains on any market, legal or otherwise. CBD, on the other hand, is very scarce, less than half of 1 percent, much too low to suggest Orange Kush as good treatment for seizure disorders and other problems that can be alleviated with CBD. The effects of this strain certainly hint at its indica leanings: powerful euphoria, deep physical relaxation, happiness, sleepiness, and a potent case of the munchies. That alone makes this a great tool in treating eating or wasting disorders, but Orange Kush is also a good choice for patients who suffer from anxiety, depression, ADHD, inflammation, migraine headaches, muscle spasms, and aches and pains. Negatives may include dry eyes and cottonmouth. This strain is most popular in Arizona and the Pacific Northwest.

Orange Kush Experiences

Orange Kush is a happy yet powerful Hybrid from Green Devil Genetics. Indica-dominant, this strain packs a narcotic punch. Marijuana fans tend to report a powerful, body-numbing high with plenty of sedative effects. This marijuana strain is also known to bring about a bad case of the munchies, making it great for those who struggle with appetite.

This marijuana strain is also known to bring about a bad case of the munchies. Those who struggle with appetite may find a friend in this citrus-scented herb.

For some, the experience this strain offers may start with a head-centered elevation. Heavy-bodied effects tend to creep up, relaxing the muscles and easing the body into a calm relaxation. Save this cannabis strain for a meditative and low-key experience.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this marijuana strain in a number of different ways, including;

    • Orange Kush Oil Pens are available from brands such as Liquid Gold and Sound CO2
  • Orange Kush shatter, Orange Kush wax, and other Orange Kush concentrates are also available from a number of retailers

Medical Gains of Orange Kush

Anyone who is looking to relax after a stressful day will find a friend in this strain. Perfect for a rainy afternoon, medical marijuana patients can expect a low-key experience from this strain.

    • Pain management, insomnia, and appetite stimulation are three of the most common reasons medical cannabis patients seek out this strain
    • Those who struggle with cramping and mood swings related to PMS may appreciate the strong physical and mental relief this strain provides
  • This medical cannabis strain is sometimes used for relief from stress conditions like post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and to ease hyperactivity

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