MK Ultra



TYPE :50% Sativa /50% Indica Hybrid

THC:  18% CBD: 10%






DURATION: The high lasts around 2 to 3 hours


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Buy MK Ultra Blunt Uk

Buy MK Ultra Blunt UK and Europe today from Astra Weed! MK Ultra is a cross between two superstar strains, G-13 and OG Kush. Both parents have a reputation for their powerful, indica-dominant effects. G-13 has a mysterious history. Rumor has it, the strain is an escapee from a government-funded cannabis research operation.

The origins of OG Kush are also mysterious. Though, the hybrid’s body-melting indica effects are thought to stem from Hindu Kush heritage. It’s no surprise that the combination of these two strains makes for one powerful flower. The THC content in MK Ultra isn’t exorbitantly high (22%), but this strain sure packs a strong indica punch.

The flavor of MK Ultra is a deep and earthy strain. It often features much of the sweetness of OG Kush and can give off a pungent, almost skunky vibe overall. Some may pick up on citrus notes in this flower. The strong aroma is a great indication of the knock-out high that will shortly follow.

The MK Ultra experience

MK Ultra is a nighttime strain. As mentioned above, it’s not just the THC that makes this strain so potent. MK Ultra is terpene-rich and has inherited some extremely sedative genetics. A few tastes of this strain may make it difficult to get off the couch and leave you wanting a nap.

This deeply relaxing body high is well-matched with a very strong feeling of euphoria. It’s not uncommon to feel giddy or elated before drifting off into a long sleep.

The combination of these two sensations is hypnotic. If you need a complete change in mindset, MK Ultra will certainly put you in a new mental space altogether.

Since this flower is so strong, it is recommended for experienced consumers. Novice consumers may find themselves a little too sedated, or have some issues with dizziness.

Overall, this strain presents a decent amount of cerebral effects coupled with a hefty, physical experience.

Why do people use MK Ultra?

MK Ultra has a variety of medical uses. The narcotic nature of this plant makes it perfect for severe or chronic body pain. If you are hoping for relief from chemotherapy side effects or painful muscle spasms, many patients recommend MK ultra.

Those who need immediate relief from an anxiety attack, this strain may be a nice choice. Many also report positive effects for mental health conditions like PTSD and mood swings associated with PMS. Of course, anyone who has difficulty sleeping will love the drowsiness this strain provides.

For recreational consumers, this strain is best saved for a rainy day. Those who like to pass indicas around at a social event may enjoy the giggly bliss this strain provides.

Overall, though, MK Ultra is perfect for hunkering down for a movie with plenty of snacks.

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