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Buy Jack the Ripper Hash UK and Europe Online today from Astra Weed! The child of Jack’s Cleaner x Space Queen, Jack the Ripper is appropriately named for being a “killer” cannabis strain. This hash produces strong, thought-provoking effects that will creep up on you and leave you feeling meditative. Let this concentrate help you battle depression and give you an extra push of motivation and creativity.

Looking for something to medicate with in the morning or afternoon that will lift your spirits, yet keep you fully functional? Well, look no further! Our new full-melt version of our Jack the Ripper Hash is a deliciously smooth and incredibly potent pure sativa that will most certainly put your head in its place.

This particular hash creates a very clear-headed elevation, making sense out of any thoughts racing around in your mind that you can’t quite focus on. This is ideal for patients suffering from ADD/ADHD and/or depression (especially Seasonal Affective Disorder during the winter months).


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