100 Hindu Kush Seeds (Fem)

Plant type Feminized
Indica 100%
THC Level High at 17%
CBD (Medical) Medium
Height Compact (50/80 cm – 20″/32″)
Yield 400-500 g/m2
Flowering period Average (64 days)
Climate Average / land climate
Good for Indoor, Medical


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Buy Hindu Kush Seeds Online

Buy Hindu Kush Seeds Online. Hindu Kush by Global Weed Market is thought to be one of the first ever indica strains ever brought back to Europe from the Orient. It is a strain that is hundreds of years old and still remains a pure, 100% indica today. Its quality is tried and tested and is now used as the indica base for many hybrids out there on the market. It originates from the gigantic mountain rage that spans across Afghanistan, northern India and Pakistan – from which it has got its name.

This strain has a strong earthy, floral smell and taste, with spicy undertones. It will induce a strong, but not too heavy high. It is the perfect way to relax and will get you feeling calm and contemplative. The potent waves of euphoria will push all the stress and tension out of your weary body; the exceptional medicinal properties will make physical pain nothing but a forgotten memory.
This makes it a perfect all-rounder and great for the collection of any smoker. More novice smoker may want to exercise caution though as it can be quite a strong hit to the untested.

Buy Hindu Kush Seeds Online. Hindu Kush grows much like you would expect an indica to. It produces beautiful deep green leaves that are so large and thick they often overlap. Whilst this strain was originally grown outdoors, it can just as easily thrive and prosper in an indoor setting. It grows short and stocky making it a good choice for people looking for a discreet plant for their garden. However, if you are looking for an outdoor plant make sure you are in a warm climate (below 42 degrees north), as this strain will suffer outdoors in the colder regions of Europe. It is has features that will please everyone; the quick grow times and high yields make this a great choice for novice, veteran and commercial growers alike.

Hindu Kush by Kiwi Seeds is suitable for indoor, outdoor (warm climates) and green house cultivation. Flowering times are roughly 50-60 days for optimal yields. Plant heights can vary between 0.5-1m and you can expect a yield of roughly 400-500g/m2 for your time and effort.

This is one of the very first indicas to grace Europe’s shores and is bathed in history, do not miss out on this opportunity to sample its rich heritage.

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