Coda Signature Chocolates

Coffee & Doughnuts – 300mg THC

Snap & Spice – 200mg THC & 100mg CBD

Forte Truffles – 6 Truffles 30mg THC each


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Buy Coda Signature Chocolates UK

Buy Coda Signature Chocolates UK and Europe Online from Astra Weed today?  If you’re of a certain age—say, over 30—you may remember eating weed-infused desserts like pot brownies as a teenager. To make them, you had to concoct a vat of weed butter on the stovetop, which probably tasted wholly unappetising (even with all the added cocoa powder). In the last few years, however, edibles have evolved into a buffet of confections; tasty chocolate bars, gummy worms and more, available for purchase in cities like Denver and Seattle. But now there’s a new game in town. Colorado’s Coda Signature has upped the ante, designing beautiful, cannabis-infused confections—and on a massive scale.

Buy Coda Signature Chocolates Online in the UK and also in Europe. Coda Signature truffles elevate the cannabis experience by combining cannabis oil with the highest quality ingredients into world class chocolates created by an expert chocolatier.

Each piece of the Coda Signature truffle collection starts with ethically sourced South American cacao. Whole spices and the freshest ingredients are used to impart deep and intense flavours that blend perfectly with cannabis oil.

The cannabis oil used in Coda’s chocolate is the cleanest form of concentrated cannabis oil available. To extract the cannabinoids from the flower, carbon dioxide is forced through the plant matter at high pressures, resulting in beautifully transparent oil that integrates seamlessly with the flavours of these chocolate truffles.

Buy Coda Signature Chocolates Online. Each truffle collection contains six pieces. 10mg THC each; 60mg per pack.
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Serenade Collection
Six pieces of the most popular Coda Signature truffle flavour. Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jelly are elevated with a coating of fine milk chocolate.

Crescendo Collection
Enjoy three different flavors of truffles in this delicious six-piece collection.
BURNT CARAMEL – Luscious caramel spiked with Maldon salt crystals.
EARL GREY – Milk chocolate infused with Earl Grey tea, sweetened with local Colorado honey.
JUNIPER LEMON – White chocolate lightly scented with Juniper berries and fresh lemons.
*Winner of 2016 High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup for Best Edible.

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