Blue Cookies


TYPE: Hybrid

THC: 25% CBD: 2%

LINEAGE: Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry

APPEARANCE: Once you get past the intense odor, the Blue Cookies strain greets you with glistening gorgeous blue nuggets. All the nugs are extremely dense with very little stem. This is some magnificent looking marijuana.

SMELL: Imagine going to grandma’s house, walking into the kitchen and being enveloped in the enticing aroma of freshly baked sugar cookies and weed. Yeah this Blue Cookies strain smells just like that.

BEST FOR TREATING: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Inflammation, Insomnia, Lack Of Appetite, Pain.

CREATED FEELINGS: Creative, Euphoria, Focused, Happy, Relaxed. Uplifting

DURATION: High that lasts 2 to 3 hours

SIMILAR STRAINS: Blueberry, Berry  and Orange Kush.


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Buy Blue Cookies Marijuana UK

Buy Blue Cookies Marijuana UK and Europe from Astra Weed today! an Indica-dominant (90% indica/10% sativa) hybrid cross between two celebrity strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. As the child of these heavyweight champion strains, Blue Cookies delivers a crushing blow of euphoria straight to the head, where it swiftly sinks down to relax the entire body. Sweet berry flavors fuse with earthy cherry notes in a flavor profile as enticing as the bud?s thick coat of frosty resin that stretches over twisting hues of green and purple. Novice consumers should approach Blue Cookies with modesty, but this strain?s potency is perfect for hard-to-impress veterans.

Blue Cookies brings together two of the most popular strains in the marijuana community: Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. Bringing together the best of these two icons, Blue Cookies offers marijuana consumers a powerful euphoric punch and total body relaxation.

 Blue Cookies Marijuana Strain

When marijuana consumers think of Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry, it’s a safe bet to say they’re thinking a euphoric, happy buzz and some seriously relaxing vibes. Blue Cookies delivers both in spades.

With a skyrocketing THC level, usually between 25 – 28%, this is one potent flower. It’s 2% CBD content, however, balances out some of the racier punch you’d expect with such large amounts of the psychoactive cannabinoid.

A potent, cerebral euphoria leads off the experience, eventually giving way to a body buzz that relaxes the mind and the muscles making for a complete marijuana experience.

Medical Benefits of Blue Cookies

This strain’s impressive THC levels and CBD content mean it offers medical marijuana patients relief from a wide range of ailments

    • The increased levels of focus this strain offers mean it can be an effective tool against ADD/ADHD
    • Certain mood disorders, such as depression or anxiety, can be soothed by this strain, as it offers a degree of mental uplift


  • The potent THC levels mean marijuana patients who suffer from aches, pains and inflammation can find some relief due to the analgesic properties of the cannabinoid,  Buy Blue Cookies Marijuana Online.


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